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The special beauty and identity of Viotia, led the Chamber, to the decision to create the present web page. The objective of the web page is to present the historical, archaeological, physical, cultural and other resources for which the region of Viotia deserves the visitors’ interest. The rich history, the sightseeings, the traditional and modern cultural activities, the beautiful landscapes and the activities of alternative tourism, will satisfy any visitor arriving at this particular place, of Muses and of Apollo.
The web page was created in the frame of the program "LEADER +" and for this reason it is focused on 11 Municipalities and Communities included in the area of implementation of the program.

The tour in the region begins at the historical Thisvi, the Domvrena with the Tower of Karahiskaki, the picturesque Ellopia and the small villages Xironomi and Prodromos. Thespies is situated in the north-eastern of Thisvi and is famous of the Holy of Muses. Moving north-west and arriving at the centre of the prefecture of Viotia, one meets  the Municipality of Aliartos, related to the history of the desiccation of the lake Copais.
The town of Aliartos neighbours to Koronia, on the slopes of the mount Eljkonas. In the classic and later antiquity Koronia, was named “Koronian country”. In Koronia you will find the central square and a little more further you will see the temple of Itonia Athena, the Alalkomenes, the Tilfoussion. In the north-western of Koronia you will find the capital of the Prefecture, Livadeia, built at the sources of the river Erkyna, between the mounts Parnassos and Elikonas. The villages Lafysti, Analipsi, Elikonas, Pera Chorio, Tsoukalades, are also places of particular interest. In the northern of Livadeia, the town of Heronia dominates. At the entrance of the settlement, visitors are welcomed by the famous sculpture of the “lion”. Moving to the west you will come to Davlia, with the stone-built houses, the beautiful square and the watermills. Davlia is built on the mountain slopes of Parnassos, in a splendid landscape. In a small distance, the cosmopolitan Arahova is located, the "Balcony of Parnassos", as it is often characterized. In the south of Arahova, the coastal community of Antikyra welcomes the visitor with its ancient history and the wonderful port.
Distomo is related to glorious and dramatic events of the Greek History. Finally, the picturesque Kyriaki offers the tranquillity and the natural beauty that many tourists try to find.

This publication was created with the essential support of the:
•    personnel of the Municipalities and Communities of the area,
•    personnel of the Developmental Agency Elikonas-Parnassos,
•    Mr Giorgos Avgeris (Member of the Association of Athletic Ski of Livadeia) and
•    Mr Loukas Anestis (steward of Alpine Ski, Member of the Administrative Council of the Greek Federation of Alpinism and Mountain Climbing).

Chamber of Viotia expresses its warmest thanks to everybody who contributed to the design of this site.
The area of Viotia and the Chamber invite you, to a magnificent travel.
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The Chairman of Viotia Chamber

Panagiotis Agniadis

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