Antikyra is a coastal village in the northern coasts of the Corinthian Gulf and in the south-west side of the prefecture of Viotia. It is 37 kilometres far from Livadeia. The area was first habited in the 16th century b.C. in the place “Palatia”, that was named "Kyparissos". The city took part in the war of Troy with this name but after the 9th century b.C. it is known as Antikyra. According to the tradition, the founder of Antikyra was the great hero Antikyreas, who cured Hercules from his mania. During the antiquity, Antikyra was a powerful naval force, while at the Roman period the port of Antikira was used by the Romans for the transport of army and supplies.

One of the most important moments in Antikyra’s history was the resistance of the habitants, who stopped (with people from the Distomo and Steiri) the passage of the Italian and German forces in the ravine of Steni, causing important losses to the enemies, in July 1943. The locality, because of the importance of the battle and the losses of the enemies, was named "Small Stalingrad". This year,  Antikyra was assigned as a Community.

The Community numbers about 3.000 residents. The last years the Community attracts many tourists in the summer, because of the beautiful coasts and beaches of the area.


·The ancient city of Antikyra.
Departments of the wall of the ancient port, ancient residences, the cemetery of later antiquity, but also departments of the first Hellenic settlement (floorings of first Hellenic period II and III and residences like the palace of the first Hellenic period II) are saved in the locality "Palatia"(Palaces). The ruins of Athena’s temples are also very important (6th - 5th century b.C.) in the top of Siros and Artemis hill, in the area of Kefali. We also know the existence of a temple dedicated to the Neptune, of a theatre and two gyms, however none of those buildings is saved. During the Byzantine Period, a Royal Church was built on its ruins.



Antikyra is famous for the beautiful beaches. The most characteristic is the Aghios Isidoros beach that has been awarded with the blue Flag for the clean sea. The visitor can also swim in the beach of Antikyra and in the "Koutrou Port". Apart from the blue seas we propose you to enjoy the extraordinary view in the areas of Prophet Elias, Kefali and Faros.

Useful Information


In Antikyra, the feast of the Assumption of Lord is celebrated with particular splendour. The events organised during the period of Carnival are also famous. Each second year, in the beginning of June, the "Naval week" is organized. The organisation includes speeches, expositions and concerts with main subject the water and the seamen.

In Antikyra, you will find a lot of coastal hotels, rooms and apartments. You will eat fresh local fish in the taverns and the restaurants. You can enjoy fishery and other various marine sports.
Antikyra allocates a port for small ships. Also, the small port of the beach of Aghios Isidoros is a natural piscatorial refugee in cases of bad whether.
In the area, there is a climbing field, (climbing field Konstantina). 

Useful telephone numbers                        

Community of Antikyra 22670-41474
Medical Centre of Distomo 22670-22222
Pharmacy 22670-41296
Port Authority 22670-41205
Telecom 22670-41307
Bus service 22670-41279
Post office 22670-42454


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