Arahova is the cosmopolitan city of Viotia. It is built at the foot of the mount Parnassos in an altitude of 960 metres, at a distance of 162 km from Athens and 35 km from Livadeia. Arahova is located between the two ancient cities: the ancient city Anemoria on the western and the ancient city Kyparissos on the eastern, at the place "Pania". According to others, the ancient city at the place "Pania" was the city Yabolis, while Kyparissos was located in the area of Antikyra (Antikyra of today).
Arahova had an important role in the Greek Revolution. On 10 June 1823, Arahova was burned by Turks, while in November 1826 the battle of Arahova took place. In this important battle Karahiskakis crushed the troops of Moustafabei. This victory was attributed to Aghios Georgios, patron saint of Arahova. Karahiskakis offered one of the cannons to the church of Aghios Georgios. The city was liberated finally from the Turks, on 2 November 1828, by Dimitrios Ypsiladis.


Korykio Antro. The cave is found ten km from Arahova. At the antiquity the cave was dedicated to the god Panas and to the Nymphs of Korykio. The ancient Greeks considered that the cave was the passage to Hades. The cave presents an exceptional interest for the discoveries found of the archaic, classic and roman period.
In Arahova, the bust of the hero of 1821, Georgios Karaiskakis, dominates in the city, to remind the glorious battle of Arahova.
The Byzantine church of Aghios Georgios. The church is built with ancient materials and offers a splendid view.
The church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary dominates on the rock with the clock. The temple is dated from 1676, while the modern church was built just after the Revolution of 1821. In the church, the relics of Aghios Charalabos are found.
The municipal school of Arahova is situated in a splendid neo-classic building, a donation of the national benefactor Andreas Sygros.

Natural beauties

Arahova is characterized as the "Balcony of Parnasos". The characteristic point of Arahova is the rock with the clock, with a fantastic view. Also, Korykio Antro, apart from its archaeological interest, it is a monument of natural beauty, with the stalagmites and the stalactites that create a wonderful setting. We suggest you to visit also the locality "Mavra Litharia" in the entry of Arahova. There, you will enjoy the beautiful view. You have to visit also the wonderful place Livadia.

Useful Information


A three day festival (panyghiri) is organised in Arahova on 23 April (celebration day of Aghios Georgios). On the first day, races of the elderly people, dressed in local costumes, are curried out. The second day, athletic games are organized, while the third day a traditional meal with roasted lambs is offered. This day, the victory of Karahiskakis against the army of the Moustafabei is also celebrated. The carnival is another feast celebrated in Arahova.


At a distance of 26 km from Arahova and in an altitude of 1.600 - 2.300 metres, there is the ski centre of Parnassos with 20 ski runs in Fterolakas and Kellaria connected between them with ski lifts. The centre is open from December to May. At the ski centre you can find a kindergarten.  In the slopes of Gerodovrahos, there is a smaller ski centre of the Athenian Group of Friends of Ski.
In Arahova you will find the Agro-tourism Cooperative of Women of Arahova.
In Arahova you will find many hotels, apartments and rooms to let. Arahova is an ideal destination for night clubbing.
In the area, a Local Quality Pact in the Agro-tourism sector, has been created with members a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars.
Arahova is very picturesque with the stone houses and the narrow paves. Arahova constitutes a famous commercial and rural centre with developed cheese production and manufacture of weavers.


Useful telephone numbers




 Municipality of Arahova 22670-31318
 Centre of Health 22670-31300
 Police Department 22670-31333
Telecom 22670-31099
Post Office 22670-31253
Transport Service (KTEL) 22670-31357
Ski Centre of Parnassos 22670-31630
 Local Quality Pact of Arahova 22670-31630
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