The Municipality of Koronia is situated in the south-eastern of Livadeia, at the foot of the mountain of Elikonas. The Municipality Is consisted from the homonym village, as well as from the municipal departments of Aghios Georgios, Aghia Anna, Aghia Triada and Alalkomenes.
Ancient Koronia existed from the Homeric years and, in particular, Homer reports that it took part to the Trojan War. Koronia was founded by Thessalians that had resorted to Viotia. According to the traditions, Koroneos, the adopted son of Akamadas founded Koronia. The great fame of ancient Koronia was due to the big feast, “Pamviotia”, that were taking place in the temple of Itonia Athena, in the entry of the city. During the feast each hostility stopped. Apart from the temple of Itonia Athena, Pausanias reports the existence of the altar of Epimilios Hermes and of the Anemon (Winds) in the market, the temple of Hera and the temple of Heracles. Also, in Koronia, there was the temple of Lafystios Zeus, where Athamas was going to sacrifice Frixos and the Elli. The two children were saved leaving above on the Golden Fleece.
Ancient Koronia was destroyed by Romans at 171 b.C. Archaelogists have identified the ancient city with certain ruins that were found on the hill near the river Falaros, in the south-western of the village Mamoura. In the recent history of Koronia, the personality of Dimitrios Hypsiladis distinguishes in Koutoumoula, (before the battle of Petra in 1829). The chieftain had installed his command at the inn of the village.


The walls of Koronia. The polygonal walls of an important fortress of the classic period, called Tilfousion, are located at the top of Paliothiva.
The cave of Nymph Koronia. It is found in the west side of the village Aghia Triada. In the interior there is a room of 8*10 metres. At the roof, there is an opening of 0,7*1,2 metres. It was resulted from the findings, that the cave was used as a holy dedicated to the Nymphs. In addition, in the entry of the cave there is the sign "Koronia Nymph". Vessels, works of sculpture and various offerings are some of the findings.
In the northern side of the hill there is a medieval tower.
Monastery of Aghia Paraskevi. Aghia Paraskevi is a Monastery in Koronia, inside of which there is a small byzantine church, where a big sign of Macedonian years was found.

Natural beauties

At the locality Aghios Taxiarchis Pontzas, on the road to Aghia Triada, you will find a very beautiful place with clear waters. You can also visit the very picturesque village Aghia Triada. Aghia Anna is also a beautiful mountainous village full of firs. In the area, there are small lakes, created by the big concentration of the water during the wintry period. The forest of Koronia is ideal for walks. There, you will find springs and recreation places.

Useful Information

The Assumption of Aghia Anna (Sainte Anne) is celebrated with particular splendour on 25 July, in the homonym village. The feast of Aghio Pneuma (Holy Spirit) is celebrated in Aghia Triada and the feast of Prophet Elias is celebrated on 20 July in Koronia.

At the village Aghia Anna, you will find traditional lodgings. In all areas of the Municipality there are many small taverns offering delicious dishes.


Useful telephone numbers


Municipality of Koronia 22610-43621-43622
Health Center 22610-94203-98222
Police Department 22610-43333


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