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There are a lot of hiking routes in the area. The local Alpine Associations have traced a lot of paths on the mounts Elikonas and Parnassos. The nature is very beautiful and you will enjoy walking on the mountains. You have to be informed for the events that are organised in the area such as the “Alpines’ Call” and the “Revival of the Historical Route “Feat of Efhidas” etc.


Hiking on the mount Elikonas

In order to discover the mount Elikonas, the mountain of Muses, you have to walk on its paths, either steep, either paved, under the tall firs, viewing the high tops. From the paved points you will understand a little from the art and the life of our ancestors.

Some of these paths are the following:

1. Boboko - Loutsa - Koliedes (Kapelo). At the 4th kilometre of the asphalt road, from Analipsi to – Elikonas, there is a sign that informs hikers for the way to the mountain, through a dense forest. The hiking lasts about 4,.5 hours,  in an altitude from 800 to 1486 metres. The route is of medium difficulty.

2. Boboko - Prophet Elias. At the 4th kilometre of the asphalt road, from Analipsi to – Elikonas, there is a sign informing for the way to follow through fired slopes and paved path. After 1,.5 hour you will reach the country church of Prophet Elia. The route is easy.

3. Boboko - Xirovouni. At the 4th kilometre of the asphalt road, from Analipsi to – Elikonas, there is a sign on the left, informing for a path through fired slopes. The path leads to Xirovouni, from where you will enjoy the view to Livadeia and to the plain of Copais. The route lasts1,5 hour and it is easy.

4. Prophet Elias - Loutsa Tzavela - Ronies - Elikonas or Megali Loutsa. From the country church of Prophet Elia, following the signals, you have to cross vertically the asphalt street, in the area Loutsa Tzavela. From there, you have to hike, through fired slopes, until the location Ronies, where you will meet on the left the path No 22 that leads to the square of the village Elikonas. In alternative, as soon as you will meet the path 22, instead of turning on the left, you can follow the path for about 30 ' until you reach the location Ano Ronies. From there, you can move to the left and reach the top Megali Loutsa with a splendid view to the Corinthian gulf. Both, in the two cases the route lasts 2,5 hours and is characterized of a mediocre difficulty.

5. Kyriaki – Megali Loutsa (Kapsala). Through the central square of Kyriaki you can follow an up hill path to the top of Megali Loutsa. The route is of medium difficulty and lasts 3,5 hours.

6. Camps of Paliomilia – Megali Loutsa (Kapsala). The hiking begins from the forestal road Elikonas - Paliomilia. Near (a little afterwards) the camps, you will meet on the right the first signs. After one hour of hiking in a dense fir forest, you have to stop to the locality Balconi with the beautiful view. The hiking continues through small lakes and then after a short way you will reach the top. The route lasts about 3,5 hours and is of medium difficulty.

7. Anlipsi – country church of Aghios Georgios. From the village Analipsi you will follow a rising path that reaches the country church of Aghios. Georgios. The locality is offered for relax near the stone spring, with a beautiful view. The route lasts 1 hour and it is easy.

8. Prophet Elias - Kolliedes (Kapelo). You have to hike in very steep slopes. The route is difficult and lasts 2,5 hours.

9. Arvanitsa - Osios Serafim. From Arvanitsa you will go to the locality Stavros and from there you will move on the right with direction to the well. Continuing on the stone paved path, you will reach the monastery of Osios Serafim. The route is easy and lasts1,5 hour.

10. Askri - Ypokrini. From the village Askri you will follow the earth-road leading to Aghios Nikolaos and to the small wood grove of Muses, where you will meet the path No 22. After a way of 1 hour and in an altitude of about 1100m., you will meet a cross. You must follow the direction on the right, the rising way, until you reach the Spring Ypokrini (1400m.). From there, you have two choices A. Going downhill to the area Chaliki where you will find a place of recreation B. Going uphill and after a 30 ' way you will reach the top Motsara with an altitude of 1525m.The route is easy.

11. Aghia Anna - Paliovouna - Arvanitsa. From the village Aghia Anna you will follow the signs (a rising way). Walking through forests, but also bare slopes you will reach the top Paliovouna, in an altitude of 1747 metres. From there, the view is wonderful in all the area of Elikonas and up to the ridges of Peloponnese. The route is difficult and lasts 3,5 hours.  From the top you can continue going downhill until you reach Arvanitsa. The route from Paliovouna to Arvanitsa lasts1,5 hour.

Hiking on the Eastern of Parnasso

Apart from the beautiful mountain of Muses, Elikonas, there are various paths and mountain tops in the Eastern of Parnassos (Gerodovrahos, Liakoura, Tzarko, Koukos, Mavra Litharia and other tops). Parnassos is characterized as a National Park since 1938. In the Park there are many infrequent kinds of flora. The fauna of the Park includes wolves, foxes, jackals, wild boars, badgers, woodpeckers, wild lizards and adders. The southern and Eastern part of Parnassos, has been characterized as Natura 2000

Some of the paths are the following:

1. Arahova - Defner (at the foot of Gerodovrahos). This path begins at Aghios Georgios (of Arahova) and lasts about 4 hours. The 1st hour is an asphalt way (asphalt) with direction to Livadi. Reaching the locality Stavros, you will go to the right to an earth-road and you will continue for another two hours. Having always on the left the Korykio Antro, and viewing Livadi, you will leave the road and take the signed path (tops Kato Filo and pano Filo) and walking for one hour into the firs, you will reach the refugee  Defner.

2. Defner - Gerodovrahos (2 hours). It is a signed path and following the way to the top, you will cross the ski runs of the ski centre, you will reach the point where you can see the ski centre, Kelaria and the country church of Ai Elia. Continuing the path you will reach the top Gerodovrahos in an altitude of 2395m.

3. Gerodovrahos - Liakoura (the highest top of Parnassos, 2457m). You follow the path 22 for about 2.5 hours. After 1 hour you will reach Tsarko (2415m).  and walking to the left, you will arrive at the  foot of Liakoura. After 30 minutes you will reach the earth-road, you will cross the road, and begin the hiking up that leads to Liakoura, the highest top of Parnassos. From Liakoura you will enjoy the view, to all the tops of the mountain Parnassos.


4. Gerodovrahos - Tsarko - Tsoubes - Zemeno. It is a very beautiful and easy route, for about 4 hours, going through the path 22.

5. Gerodovrahos - Mavra Litharia – Akrino Nero - Saint Jerusalem. It is a route of four hours. Walking on the path 22 and passing from the location tris Tsoumes – Tzarko, you will reach Sideroportes. Before the slope which leads to Mana, you will take the direction on the left and you will reach Mavra Litharia after walking for 50 minutes. From this place you can walk downhill and reach Akrino Nero.  

6. Akrino Nero - Kanalia - Saint Jerusalem. It is a very beautiful and easy route, for about 2,5 hours.

7. Akrino Water – Saint Jerusalem. Following the path 22, for about 1,5 hour, you will reach Saint Jerusalem of Davlia.

8. Akrino Nero- Mana - Zemeno. It is a very beautiful and easy route, for about 2 hours following the path 22 and going through a plateau.
After 1 hour you will reach the location Mana. You will cross the earth-road that you meet, and continue to the path through the firs. Having on the right Arahova, and after a route of another 1 hour you will reach the inn of Zemeno.

9. Zemeno- Xerovouni. After walking for 3 hours you will reach Distomo, from where, the mountain range of Elikonas begins.



The Path No. 22

The Path No. 22 links the mountains Parnassos and Parnitha. The path starts from Agoriani (a village of Parnassos) and passing from the mountains Kirfi, Elikonas, Korombili, Kitheronas, Pastra, it leads to Parnitha (refuge Bafi). In the mountain of Elikonas the path passes from the valley of Muses and the rough side of Zagaras. It continues to the west-side of the village Askri and is directing to the localities Ypokrini and Chaliki. A big part of the path continues (earth-road and asphalt) from the area Koromilia up to the village Aghia Anna. From there, a part of the path leads to Paliovouna.  Another part, (asphalt and paved path) leads to Arvanitsa. From there, the path continues to the north and goes uphill to the village Elikonas (Zeriki). It continues uphill to Ronies and downhill to Kyriaki. From there, it continues in asphalt and paved path up to the ancient Stiris and the monastery of Osios Loukas. A part of the path No 22 links the monastery of Osios Loukas to the sea, at the locality of ancient Medeon ("the path of Pausanias). Well signed steep paths pass from Arahova (Akrino Nero). From this place, other paths rise to the crests of Parnassos or go down to the monastery of Aghia Jerusalem and Davlia

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