Viotia is famous for its products and recipes. Visitors come, from all Greece, and enjoy their excursion in the area by visiting the beautiful taverns that offer local dishes. The quality of the local meat, as well as, many meat recipes, are very well-known. Meat in the grill or in the spit, kokoretsi, gardoubakia, sausages, kontosouvli and cutlets (paidakia), are only some from the dishes that, those who know the Viotia cooking, prefer. In a lot of restaurants, cooked dishes are also offered such as lamp “frikase”', rabbit “stifado”, “kokotakia”, “coq au vin”, goat boiled and lamp "kleftiko".

Gourmets prefer also the local pies. The women of Viotia prepare the pastry and make herb pies, cheese pies, fried pies (tiganopsoma), frumenty pies. Many areas of Viotia are famous for the cheeses such as the cheese “formaela” from Arahova that is produced exclusively there and it is a product of quality. The cheeses “sahanotiri” and “opsimotiri” are local cheeses produced in all areas of the Prefecture. The cheese “opsimotiri” is prepared by sheep's yoghurt (yoghurt of three days), which is mixed with salt and is left to ferment for three days.
Moreover, In Viotia you will find, the exceptional olive oil (if you are lucky you will also find the green olive oil), the local wine and the “raki” (in   Distomo you will find the most famous “raki”).

The evenings in the winter, you will enjoy eating bean soups, soups of vegetables, frumenty and noodles, while in the summertime you have to taste the fresh fishes from the Corinthian gulf.

The ingredients used to the recipes of Viotia, are produced from local cottages or biological cultivations. Viotia produces olive oil, horticultural products and cereals. Potatoes and tomatoes dominate in the plain of Thespies. In Viotia the ovines prevail. The honey is exceptional because of the particular technique of apiarists of Viotia. The wines from the vineyards of Askri are also exceptional.

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