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There are 3 ski centres in Parnassos: Kelaria and Fterolakkas that belong to the Greek Tourist Real Estates with 23 ski runs and 13 lifts and Gerontovrahos that belongs to the Athenian Association of Friends of Ski with 3 ski runs and 3 lifts. There is a mountain refuge for 27 persons, at the location Sarantari in an altitude of 1900m.


The alpine ski is an activity on the mountain, during winter. The mountain of Parnassos offers beautiful routes through wonderful slopes without a particular difficulty for those who have the suitable equipment.


Climbing is a form of alternative exercising that is met in the areas of Livadeia, Antikyra and Parnassos (Zemeno). In Livadeia (Krya), there are some 50 climbing routes of 4th degree up to 10th degree of difficulty and height up to 70 m.. The routes are equipped with climbing rings for a safe climbing. In Zemeno you can also find climbing routes. The routes are found in the homonym area after a way of 10 km following an earth-road.  The routes are enough high, up to 400 m. There are also climbing routes in Antikyra in the climbing place of Konstantina.


Mountain bike is also an alternative form of exercising. The area of Elikonas is considered as an ideal area because of the many earth-roads that exist round the villages of Kyriaki and Aghia Anna. You will enjoy mountain bike in the fir slopes of the mount Elikonas. Arvanitsa could be the starting point for mountain bike in the around regions.


Maritime sports (ski, windsurfing etc) are offered at all the beaches of the Corinthian Gulf, in Antikyra, Alyki, Saradi, Aghios Nikolaos etc.


Camping Centre of Paliomilia: It is located in a very beautiful natural environment, near the village Elikonas (Zeriki) and belongs to the Municipality of Livadeia. The camping is open for the children in the summertime.
Camping of Lapathia:  It is located in a fir forest, in the area of Davlia. The camping is for children and belongs to the Clerical Council.



Every year, in Viotia, an important event takes place, called “the revival of the Feat of Efhidas”. According to the historical reports, after the victory of the Greeks in Plataea, against the Persians, the people of Plataea asked from Efhidas to go to Delphi and bring back the purified fire from the holy of Apollo. Efhidas ran to Delphi and returned to Plataea in about 24 hours, covering globally a distance of a thousand stages. However, as soon as he delivered the holy fire, he died. The revival of the Feat of Efhidas is organizing, in the beginning of each summer, by the Greek Group of Sports "Efhidas". The modern route, of a length of 107,5 km, begins from Plataea, goes through Kaparelli, Lefktra, Xironomi, Aghia Anna, Kyriaki, Stiri, Distomo and Arahova and ends in Delphi. Its duration is 14 hours. We suggest you to try to follow this famous route. However, if you cannot participate, you can go to Delphi, where, after the completion of the Feat, a big feast takes place with music, dance groups and traditional foods.



Every year, in autumn, the alpine associations of the area, in collaboration with the local institutions, organise the "Alpinists’ Call". The participants, follow every year, a different wonderful hiking path in the forest.


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